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tiny and i

When my first Little Miss was born I swapped hospital issue scrubs for a uniform of leggings and hoodies. A couple of years later, after welcoming Tiny into the world, I was desperate to look great again. By this point, Little Miss had managed to damage almost every one of my lovely and loved pieces of jewellery, leaving trails of teeth marks and broken clasps! Enter skinny jeans and the idea of casual baby friendly jewellery to achieve an easy low-maintenance chic and so tiny and i was born.

Our necklace beads are made from 100% silicone, akin to pacifiers and bottle teats. Beads are baby-friendly, soft, non-toxic and comply with USA FDA and EU food-grade testing and USA toy standards.

While I designed this range with mums in mind, even ladies without young children will love the tiny and i range! Our necklaces are ideal for wearing while cooking, exercising or working in healthcare or childcare and they are the perfect beach or resort accessory! All pieces are waterproof, washable and heat-resistant and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. The breakaway clasp pops open when given a hard tug.

All pieces are designed in Melbourne, Australia.

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